how to lose weight part2

Example 1 600 Calorie Mr. runs 1 hour if 40% of the 600 Calorie fat we burn fat all 240Calorie.

Example 2 one hour walks Mr. burn 400 Calorie, if 80% of the 400 Calorie fat we burn fat all 320Calorie.

It can be seen that although Mr. Calorie overall in the race, but it is less than the amount of fat on the back more than any is because at Heart rate is the ratio of the run. Different fats for energy.

In principle, a rough calculation is that it is calculated that about 65% of my formula.
220 – age is only 65% of it right there.

For example, this year, I was age 18.
(220-18) * .65 = 131.3 rounded to 130.
This means that I need to have any type of exercise, heart rate was. “130 times per minute.”

Advantages of the appropriate rate Heart rate to burn fat, it also has a lot of muscles that we do not destroy them by the way I look at two examples that Model.

Let’s say at the beginning that I had a Fat mass: Lean Body Mass is the ratio 1: 3 (100 KB hit me hard), it becomes clear that I have.
Fat Mass = 25kg (1/4 of body weight).
Lean Body Mass = 75kg (3/4 of body weight).

During weight loss, then you should choose one between the two.

People have this idea.
Model A = very good, because the weight is 20kg (10 +10 muscle fat), he weighs just 80kg it.
Model B = This is very fat and lose weight is just 10kg (9 muscle fat one).

The FITWHEY to think like this.
Better than Model B Model A Model B because fat is less than the Model A, but only 21.6% to 23%.
I think this is geared locomotive FITWHEY.

Many people overlook the rest completely. I think it’s not about building muscle or burning fat. You know that. If you do not get enough sleep. Your body will shed.

I called the Hormone Cortisol Hormone “villain” is responsible for this. “The muscle” and “fat” makes you share the view worse than ever.
The principle is to “sleep at least eight hours’ sleep a day, but more than that, it’s bad. And less sleep is not good.

While we sleep with Hormone Growth Hormone secreted as a Hormone i needed to help the body to repair and build new cells i. And most importantly, it helps to reduce fat.

4) cardio exercise to reduce fat.
Cardio is to do as I like walking, swimming, cycling and Fitness Step or whatever, but each will have it. By reducing fat or not. Depending Heart rate (heart rate), then we would dance to it.
If I told you that I “not” the best way to reduce fat. I think I would still say that it does not seem possible. Calorie burn is the fact that it’s the truth. But if I tell you that the way to burn the most fat each. These two differences between my metabolism and burn fat Calorie. Calorie burn because they can. Burn muscle, burn fat or burn the flour. I was sure that if burn fat body fat loss course.