how to lose weight part1

First, we come to understand that as a whole. What is weight loss.

The whole body of the people, we have the following equation.

FAT MASS + Lean Body Mass = body.
Fat Mass as a pure body fat mass. That what we hate it.
Lean Body Mass includes the muscles, bones, and organs such as liver, kidney, intestine, stomach, heart, etc.

If we reduce the weight to 1 kilo, it means it has to be something missing, as mentioned above, “two” to “reduce” and “add” it is muscle and fat. For example, I would understand it more easily.
1 kilo muscles I can play larger muscles Weight. And when I stop playing it. I was able to muscle smaller. If I add 1 kg muscle weight, I would just add up to 1 kW.
1 kilo fat if I eat so much body fat that I would one kilo weight to 1 kilo as well and it is really cruel. I think it was a pork butcher.

Weight loss, I recommend that the following steps should be followed by me.

1) Weight training.

I do not know how to play a warlock. Or how to play it. I am happy to answer Member Forum on our Facebook I play Weight is a “science” as one (for elements that I would write an article page here) Playing Weight can increase the metabolic rate of the body. higher than the 20-30% usually means that your body burns in a day 2000-3000 Calorie Weight but if you can increase your metabolic rate up to 400-600 Calorie per day. equivalent to walking on the treadmill each day. That it is 1-2 hours. If you decide that it is not a GYM to join now.

2) diet.

In principle, nothing complicated rhetorical diet. Or harder than I practice it. This is because the basic principle that can be applied to general practice. I reproduce it.

a) a list of the foods we eat, then we do not know each other since they were children.
We are a leading provider of it as olive oil (Olive Oil), but have little expensive. But we have also taken it to heart instead of cooking and many more useful.

Juice foes, as well as toxic occident Bay – Hong tilt it called Fructose is fruit sugar, which although not as bad as it was called Dextrose or Glucose. Glucose and fat are the same muscles are also useful, but there may be a benefit Fructose.

Fun food noodle dough filled with a wicked sub (a) and Sodium or salt content of the boldest and the body needs fat than fried, which is ready to break you share that. This does not include in it not to mention it. They have no effect on the body and doses “Od๊p” as many people believe.

Milkshake these foods, I call it. “I face killer” because it is something that we often do not think about it. It’s just drink to get away with a pretty love our fans. We often think about buying Milkshake (milk) glass (in our minds, I do not mind. Today I came up with once. What do you want to be a little bit), but they may have more than one food Calorie my hand easily.

1 can of soda contains 13 teaspoons of sugar per can. (Equivalent to eating one meal) Pepsi Max is here ^ _ ^.

Sauces (Sauce) for Ketchup or chili paste. For two, it’s just that sauce. How to stuff it. The fact that sugar and Ketchup. Sugar and chili paste are the main ingredient that is in it.

Broth (soup), when children are sick. You usually do not eat pork bone soup. Chicken soup with rice. The little boy to take care of us. But these are just my soup with potential Calorie and Sodium largely hidden away and does not reduce the thickness to eat?

This fruit is the forbidden fruit such as durian, cantaloupe, mango, because it has a lot of sugar. I agree that we should eat some fruit, but the highlight is the high Fiber, for example.
Apple Green, Apple Red, guava, pineapple, (a small protein), and do not innovate, do not twist it. Because these are fairly basic fruit and eat no more than two children on a day (try a big eh for me. You can enjoy it ^ __ ^).
Why is fruit. “You killed my face,” That’s because we tend to think that it was not much. Do not mind me.

b) a list of foods that should be added to make us feel full and helps us build muscle and lose fat is a Build and Burn.
Protein that does not mean it is the only Whey protein. But the meat is chicken, beef, pork, fish, eggs, Cheese (note that I am not a milk) this food if we try to remove the fat and eat only the flesh of animals, especially pigs and cows, they will. We have good protein. And it makes the body feel full. (The reason why we enjoy it, I will write a separate one).

Many people think that starchy flour that is ruled by a formula (Atkin diet), thinking that you will lose weight, we need to cut the dough. I said it. But we must suspend powder. It may be some resistance to the taking of white rice flour is brown rice, white bread wheat bread because they have Fiber or “fiber” which helps the body to excrete. As a result, we feel satisfied with the food.

Like a fat man at a thankless job. Because fat is necessary for the body in many factors, including the “weight loss” and “gain muscle” If we do not eat fat, you’ll never make both of them. However, there are many types such as fat.
Saturated fat is fat from meat. Of the deep-fried and greasy. The body needs only small amounts only. Saturated fat, and this is something that comes with Hamburger, McDonald, KFC Fast food and we all know well. This is me. “Bad News” and take a real good cause. “Erectile dysfunction” and it is true that cruelty. And I do not intimidate me.

Polyunsaturated fat. Of vegetables such as Avacado, olive oil (olive oil), Flaxseed oil, fish oil (Fish oil).

I have to be missing something that must be asked is “yolk” You like?
Yolk eat, I was Fat is good I idea I even had a Cholesterol know that Cholesterol is not “bad” it forever because of your “eggs 3 eggs” before and Whey. protein, it is better. I eat a low-fat milk.

c) minerals.
Sodium is a “double-edged sword”, but I hate her, she is not my concept of Sodium.
I know what people are thinking that Sodium is a bad thing. And cause edema. That is true, if we have the volume up by eating foods that are high Sodium cakes, noodles, Cheese food because I have a lot of Sodium by the kidneys work harder, too.