Avian influenza

Recent data have reported an outbreak of avian influenza to Siberia. And may spread to many areas of Siberia in the European Union. The bacteria can cause disease in poultry and can cause infections. Mammalian milk, others, such as the pig, lion, tigers, etc. infected with avian influenza strain H5N1 in humans has been reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) during the period from 26 December 2546 until 27 July 2548 and confirmed cases. The avian influenza (H5N1) Total 55 109 deaths occurred in four countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia.

In Thailand during an outbreak of bird flu, the Chieftains. Causing huge economic losses. Of the destruction of poultry in the detection of avian influenza, more than 60 million and the loss of not being able to export frozen chicken, which is valued at 60-80 million baht to count the amount of money to pay for. compensation to farmers, but also some.

The experts of the World Health Organization. And international health organizations have agreed that the bird flu. Epidemic in Southeast Asia will now become endemic by Be spread out over several levels. If no preventive measures are effective. If bird flu strain changes. Particular cross breed humans with influenza virus or have become. Species that can be reached easily, they tend to be spread from person to person. This will lead to a pandemic of influenza (Influenza Pandemic), as had been the history of the epidemic around the world several times. Over a period of around 10 to 30 years, the people have a lot of illness and death. And a huge loss. As the pandemic in the year 2461 – 2462 with the death toll to 20 – 40 million people with HIV is the cause of the outbreak is believed to be the time to become infected. Strains of influenza virus in animals such as avian flu. If a pandemic outbreak in the same manner in the year 2461, and the illness and death of the people than in the past may be incomparable because of the people travel by air. Both domestic and international. And the continent’s growth is much higher. The new virus strain has spread across the world in a short time. The severe impact of the economic, social, psychological, medical, and public health and national security. The World Health Organization is warning countries to speed up the preparation. Cope with the pandemic. By introducing a national strategic plan for preparedness and pandemic disease. Of influenza.

Thailand has undertaken the preparation of a strategic plan to fix the bird flu disease (AD 2548-2550), and prepare a strategic plan to prevent and solve the pandemic of influenza (AD 2548-2550), which was approved by the Cabinet in January 2548 and last month.