Abdominal muscle building

Our abdominal muscles are primarily Oxidative Fiber (muscle endurance type) is the most The main function of the abdominal muscles are made to the balance of the spinal cord. And abdominal muscles to tense our almost every movement in our daily life.
We know that muscles are tying in the body of a man was Oxidative Fiber Dominant (a component of muscle types endure a lot) or Glycolytic Fiber Dominant (a component of muscle type high strength), this will help. We practice in a “number” to be accurate.

Abdominal muscles with the right amount of time?
Chicken breast

If the protein sources first mention of a bodybuilder. Many people would not think of “chicken” first.

And many people would call “Mash” with this meat.

Even Jay Cutler did not say that. “If I quit bodybuilding. I do not eat chicken for life “.

Many people would wonder. Chicken is good, however. I refer you to the meat section. The incremental analysis.
Protein and fat.
The chicken skin is 20-23% protein, 1-2 grams of fat.
Found that the Hnagake is the most fat.

Chicken breast fillet and nutritive values were not significantly different. The meat section is adjacent.

Chicken fat, 19-20% protein, 3-9% fat, most of which are in the Hnagake.

The wings are high in fat is 16%.

1/3 of the fat is unsaturated fatty acids.

The amino acid Methionine very high. Than the body needs.
Found that bodybuilders who eat meat only to the level of the E Homosassa State of the City. As a metabolite of the Methionine higher than bodybuilders that eat other animals.
Sister Homo E This is the cause of heart disease. It was solved by taking vitamin B levels.

The amino score is 136, which is considered very high.

Chicken will take about 3-4 hours to digest the meat proteins and the only way will be to take advantage of the 65%.

Why chicken breast meat.
1. I tell it to you.
2. A high protein and low fat.
3. Was.
4. A Religion. Whether Guan Yin is revered by Muslims to eat.

We should be training in a range of about. Set to 12 to 15 times the endurance of the muscles are working. But usually that most people will be able to bare that Situp than 30, so the added weight or holding weight to increase resistance and therefore a good solution.

Abdominal muscles have to play hard?

Abdominal muscles when training for strength or muscle stimulation. (Some people do not increase with time.